Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Interview with Comrade Folashade Adepoju

                                                                 Comrade Folashade 

SV: Good Day Comrade Folasade Adepoju

Thank You

SV: Can we meet you?

My name is Comrade Folasade Adepoju

SV: How long have you been in the union?

I started my Aluta journey as a student of the Bayero University, Kano in the mid-

90s till I graduated in early 2002 and presently the branch chairperson of Academic

Staff Union of Research Institute (ASURI).

SV: What are the things that gives you concern?

The things that gives me concerns are so many, the most traumatic of it all is the

sorry state of Nigeria currently. Corruption, police brutality, insecurity,

unemployment, high crime rate, ritual killings, misinformation/ fake news, gender-

based violence, poverty, Yahoo Yahoo, yahoo+, the list is endless.

Its Five months now that JORAISU has been on strike do you think the

Federal Government is serious about meeting the demands of JORAISU?

Its been 5 months of JORAISU strike. Unfortunately, we have a government that

cares less about her people. Federal Government approach to the strike has been

one of " I don't care". It is only in Nigeria that government institutions (Research

agencies) will be under locks and keys, yet government will look away. I don't

think Government is ready to do anything tangible as regards this strike. This is a

Government that cannot be trusted with anything. It is a government of lies, lies

and deceits.

SV: As a branch leader of ASURI do you think research sector is well funded in


As a branch leader of ASURI in my organisation ( National Library of Nigeria)

and an affiliate of other Research centres in Nigeria, I can tell you that in the area

of funding for research sector, Government has failed woefully. Comrade, it is a

shame that under the COVID-19 pandemic, most Research centres were locked

because they have nothing to fight the scourge. There are Research centres in

Nigeria today with dilapidated laboratory, some without a library.

Take a look at the National Library of Nigeria, the giant memory of the Nation, the

organisation responsible for preserving all intellectual output of the Nation is

housed in a rented apartment, it’s headquarters building, abandoned from

government to government. How do you want Nigeria to progress when research

centres that should drive Nigeria's development and sharpen the innovative

thinking of our youth are left in derelict with unmotivated staff around?

SV: With the present rate of inflation do you agree that is  time for Labour leaders to

fight for 100,000 minimum wage?

For Minimum wage, I will propose 200k per month as Minimum wage. The

inflation has eaten deep into the salary of Nigerian workers, that a 5 liters of

Groundnut oil that used to cost 2000 is now 7000, almost everything has doubled/

tripled its price. Increasing Minimum wage ton 200,000 wouldn't be a bad idea at

this time.

SV: As 2023 general elections is on the way, what advice do you want to give

Nigerian workers?

As 2023 general election is on the way, my advice to Nigerians workers is:

1. Get your PVC

2. Come out to vote because your votes count.

3. Stay and ensure your vote is counted.

4. Do not vote along religion / tribal line.

5. Educate others about the dangers of voting amiss.

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