Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Interview with Comrade Vivian Ebele Bello

    Comrade Vivian Ebele Bello 

 SV:  Good day Comrade Vivian

    Welcome Comrade

Who is Comrade Vivian Ebele Bello?

Vivian Ebele Bello is a Nigerian Woman. She is a one-time Journalist and Rights

Activist who has devoted her life to the cause of the emancipation of the

downtrodden, the oppressed and the marginalized of the Society. She believes

strongly in the cause of Justice, Freedom and Equity and respect for the Rights of

members of the society and of course the Environment. And let me add that she

doesn't just hold these beliefs, but she acts these beliefs in real life.

What are the things you think is responsible for the suffering of ordinary

people in Nigeria?

I think the sufferings the ordinary people are going through in Nigeria today to a

very large extent has Corruption at the root of it all, and then of course lack of the

fear of God. This is because some people are wont to quickly say, oh it's our

leaders, the leaders of the country, etc etc well, to me that is facing a problem

from the surface. Because the thing is; these leaders did not emerge from the

moon; how did we end up with successive leaderships under whose watch Nigeria

has remained constantly in the bleak in all the Development Indicators? In

Standard of living, in Education, in Healthcare both maternal and neonatal, in

Security, name it. For every single process we circumvent in the electoral process,

right from Party primaries, to election proper, etc. For every kobo, favour or

sentiment one takes or deploys to compromise the system and or the qualified

persons in the electoral process in the country, (be it even by taking two or three

thousand Naira to exchange for votes), we are willfully lowering the lids to let in,

into the leadership, individuals, characters and systems that act purely on the basis

and after the manner of the system that brought them in. That's where we are, that's

the debacle we are facing today, that's whats largely at the root of the woes

Nigerians face today.

Ahead of 2023 you’ve declared intention to run

for president of Nigeria. 

SV: What are your motivation?

My motivating factor in declaring to run for President is simply Nigeria and

Nigerians. I am irrevocably convinced that Nigeria can work for Nigerians. The

woes that we face today with widespread poverty across the land, collapsed

educational system, crippled healthcare, industries, infrastructures etc, does NOT

have to be this way, it shouldn't be this way, and God helping my emergence as

President, it will no longer be this way. 

Nigeria can work again for Nigerians. Time was when our public schools were

beautiful brides, courted by students and parents from different countries of the

world, today, they're merely shadows of themselves, gasping for breath. The same

goes to our health facilities; why do countries like United Kingdom, UAE (Dubai),

Germany, U.S etc have to be making fortune on us, on our resources drawing our

elite country men and women in droves to access quality healthcare there while

leaving the teeming ordinary masses to their fate with largely poorly equipped

hospitals with equally poorly motivated and remunerated and medical workers who

you do not expect to perform any magic in the circumstances. Ordinary Nigerians

die in droves for ailments that are ordinarily treatable but for which many of the

hospitals lack the requisite equipment, and where they manage to be, are priced out

of their reach and access. Many deaths recorded in this country today are purely

avoidable. Again I say, it doesn't have to be this way; we have got the resources,

we have got the men, we have got the capacity. All we need is summon the WILL, roll

up  our sleeves and get to work; without fear or favour, dispense good and service

and we will see a reset of our country. I am here for this, and by the mercies of

God and support of Nigerians, this country will once again work for Nigerians.

What program do you have that’s different from the present arrangements?

My Blueprint is hinged on a Six-Point Program of Action;

- Educational Revolution

- Industrial and Infrastructural Revolution

- Security Restoration

- Restructuring along the lines of True Federalism

- Addressing Insecurity and the Vulnerabilities of Women and Youth

- Climate Change and Green Economy.

These six focal points will see deliberate, sustained and measurable actions in all,

that will both in the immediate as well as in long term, have perceivable impact in

the quality of lives and living standards of the masses. There is no reason for

instance, why Nigeria should appallingly be designated as the country with the

highest number of out-of-school children, (as over 11 million), as the U.N has just

recently so designated the country. This is a calamitous failure of the system and of

which the entire country with pay dearly for. We are already doing so as it were, in

the hands of some of our young people, who left uncared for by the society, have

taken to criminality and all sorts of anti-social vices, which still falls back on

virtually every member of the society. 

As a developmental expert, what can you say about the pro women bill

rejected by the

National Assembly members?

The posture of the national assembly towards that gender bill is very

disappointing. If anything, it throws up again and this time in a very potent and

glaring manner, the manifest bias that still exists against the woman in Nigeria.

The defeat of the bill was a very sad event and day in the annals of the history of

Women struggle in Nigeria. But I'm glad some reasonable second thought is being

given to it now.

Do you think that women should reject this attack on women with their votes?

Of course you have clearly seen that women with our voices loudly and clearly

rejects this anti-gender action by NASS and come 2023, I believe that as women

we have learnt our lessons and will stand as one to use our votes to further express

this by putting our votes where our mouth is.

You seem to be involved in climate change and environmental degradation, do

you think this can be welcomed positively in our country

There is no question of whether Environment and Climate change issues will be

welcomed in the country, the Environment as everyone knows is the forbearer, the

mother of all lives. It follows therefore that every effort to nurture, safeguard and

protect it MUST be accorded priority attention. Toying with this is as good as

toying with lives, and the Environment supports life en mass and so any careless

action towards it will also lead to mass destructions. We have seen these occur in

many parts of the world, including even our own society, with the flood disasters,

desertification and etc we have been having to deal with. 

I have been in the frontline for the struggle for Environmental Protection. I believe

that you do not have to destroy mother Earth and poor local communities

livelihoods in your quest to exploit mineral resources. I believe in going Green. I

believe in shifting our orientation and practices away from resources that pollute

the environment and destroy bio-diversity, towards Clean and Pro-Climate

Alternatives that works for both Humans and the Environment. These principles

and solutions I will actively pursue if elected, and there is no question of "Will it

be welcomed" it is an action that needs to be taken, and decisions on issues of the

Environment will not be put off to a later time.

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